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he makes me crazy

I sit here, and I think, why does he have this effect on me?

He can make me the happiest person...

I sit and am completely oblivious...

finally I see...but my assumptions are shot down by logic...

I sit and I wonder...

He can make me the maddest person.

Why? why can he do this to me? how is this fair?

He can make me want to kill him!

He can make me the saddest person in the world...

I doubt every minute of my short pathetic life, I doubt my beliefs, my friends, my family...I doubt my feelings, and most of all I doubt myself. I just want to know why.

...I don't think its very good...story-wise...its just what I'm feeling and its probly poorly set up too...I just wish he didn't do this to me...
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