colombianartist (colombianartist) wrote in helpmesaveme,


So, now I'm on vacation, Im bored but it has giving me time to put my thoughts together. So far, I have realized that love is really something strange but kinda strange. Nobody can really explain it, but its the most amazing thing ever. So Im hping that when I get back on September, this girl won't have a boyfriend. I've thought about what people had said to me, but what has been the worst is geek and nerd. Since this might be the last year with my friends I want it to be the best, so I want to be cool. Any suggestings of how I can be cool? Im already getting contact lenses and new hair style. I've also thought of what Sofi has said to me, and I don't know ho I never realized what they meant and how they got by me. She once she used to walk me way like almost every day and once she said to her friends if they asked why I got late I'm gonna say I was picking up my boo. Also once when she got into a fight, she wouldn't tell no one why, and when I asked she told me. Finally, after I told her that I liked her she was on her bus and saw me and she started like hidding but giggling at the same time. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
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